Framework for the Concept—Ministry Flows out of Being

by Dr. J. Robert Clinton

From time to time, I collect all the material I have amassed on a topic and do a position paper, that is, a paper summarizing what I know about the subject. This article does that for the important leadership notion of, Ministry Flows Out of Being, which was discovered as I did biographical study on how God develops leaders over a lifetime. Having discovered the three major concepts:

•  Core of Beingness
•  Force of Beingness
•  Rationale of Beingness

I continued further research into beingness and began to devise materials that helped clarify the constituent parts of these major beingness items. The paper. which follows, describes the major concepts and their constituent parts. Further, I suggest materials for further study that will further define these important beingness items. My desire is that leaders would minister out of being and thus accomplish their God intended destinies. (10 p.)

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Framework for the Concept—Ministry Flows out of Being