Focused Lives – Inspirational Life Changing Lessons

by Dr. J. Robert Clinton

Focused Lives is a comparative bibliographic study and resource of eight effective Christian leaders who finished well. From this comparative study a definition for a focused life was derived (527, p. pdf file).

A focused life is a life dedicated to exclusively carrying out God's effective purposes through it, by identifying the focal issues, that is, the life purpose, effective methodology, major role, or ultimate contribution which allows an increasing prioritization of life's activities around the focal issues, and results in a satisfying life of being and doing. Comparative study as to how each of the eight discovered life purpose, effective methodologies, major role and ultimate contributions yields invaluable information/ lessons for a leader who wishes to see how God strategically guides a leader to become and achieve what God intended. A companion manual, Strategic Concepts-Which Clarify A Focused Life, enables the research findings of this book to be applied to leaders today.

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Focused Lives – Inspirational Life Changing Lessons