Reading On the Run

by Dr. J. Robert Clinton

This booklet (pdf file) introduces an approach for effective reading, selectively, for leadership information. (52 p.) Leaders have much more material these days to read than ever before. They must learn better reading techniques (not speed reading) in order to learn to read the plethora of leadership material.

They can do this, by focusing on what they need to learn from it and not reading every word of it.The method involves a set of quasi-selective reading approaches along a continuum from a lesser involvement to an in-depth involvement: scan, browse, ransack, pre-read, read, and study. Guidelines and Worksheets help the reader focus on findings from each type of read. This reading technique is a wonderful skill for older leaders to instill in emerging younger leaders.

Hard Copies of this resource can be obtained through the Fuller Seminary Bookstore:

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Reading On the Run