Compendium on Teaching Materials

A Collection of Items Used to Help Gifted People Become Better Teachers

by Dr. J. Robert Clinton

This is a collection of individual items about the teaching gift. These were developed for the most part in the last 15 years of Dr. Clinton's teaching career. He has used all these items at one time or another to help folks with a teaching gift. He has done an eight-unit course on developing one's teaching gift - which he required all of his doctoral students to go through.

He has also mentored individuals using these materials.  Dr. Clinton lists these items in the order that he usually has a person with a teaching gift read them. He has grouped these teaching materials under the following headings: I. Background & Motivational Material About Teaching; II. The Core of What I Have Learned About Teaching; III. What I Want to Pass on to Others; IV. Miscellaneous Other Items About Teaching. All the position papers involving teaching subjects are included in this compendium including the Clinton Teaching Manual.

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Compendium on Teaching Materials