Passing on My Heritage

by Dr. J. Robert Clinton

"As a teacher, one of my hoped for outcomes of my teaching career is that some folks who have studied with me will be able to carry on what I have begun - and thus continue the leading concentration that I have developed over my thirty years of teaching at Fuller Theological Seminary."

"That is, I hope I will have a legacy. I would desire that some, who will have studied with me, will build on what I have started and take it further in their own unique way. With that in mind, passing on a legacy, I have written this position paper. My thesis is that any leader transitioning out of ministry can best insure a legacy by doing two things: Modeling and Sharing of Values. This position paper, in itself, is modeling. In addition, I am explicitly identifying values that will hopefully insure a legacy - if they are picked up on.

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Passing on My Heritage