Haggai – Restoring a Work of God

by Dr. J. Robert Clinton and Mike Hannah

Individual Commentary (pdf file). Inspirational Task-Oriented Leadership. Four kinds of leaders can profit from the study of Haggai: 1. Leaders who are facing a situation in which the Christian people to whom they are ministering are nominal in their pursuit of Christ and are heavily into secular pursuits;

2. Leaders who are discouraged about getting their followers motivated toward some vision. 3. Leaders who need to know something about how followers react to strong leadership; 4. Leaders who are in small works and are discouraged because they are small. Great leadership lessons seen in this restoration era can profit leaders struggling with the complexity of leadership in the Church age.

This book is one of a series of Biblical leadership commentaries. The Haggai leadership commentary overviews the book, i.e. recognizes its contribution to the whole Bible. It identifies 10 important leadership topics/lessons. Then there is the actual leadership comments on the text. Finally there are 38 leadership articles totaling 158 pages describing various aspects of leadership seen in Haggai.

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Haggai – Restoring a Work of God