Jonah – Seeing God’s Perspective

by Dr. J. Robert Clinton and Una F. Lucey

Individual Commentary (pdf file). A Crucial Paradigm Shift. All leaders at one time or other will face an obedience issue in which they do not want to obey or at best only want to give a reluctant obedience. Jonah was that way and with good reason.

So God deals with this inner heart attitude so that Jonah will learn to obey God from the heart. The book identifies 8 important leadership topics/lessons and principles derived from these topics. Finally there are 31 leadership articles totaling 155 pages describing various aspects of leadership seen in Jonah. (209 pages).

This book is one of a series of Biblical leadership commentaries. The leadership commentary on Jonah involves an overview of the book of Jonah, i.e. a recognition of the contribution of the book as a whole to the Bible. The example stands for us too so that we can learn the lessons, vicariously, that God taught Jonah. We can learn about God’s sovereignty, His love for other peoples and His loving discipline. Jonah is one of six Bible books, which reveal to us how God takes leaders through paradigm shifts.

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Jonah – Seeing God’s Perspective