Nehemiah – Focused Living

by Dr. J. Robert Clinton and Dr. Daniel Allen

Individual Commentary (pdf file). The message of Nehemiah deals with a courageous leader’s effort to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the defenses of the city. Once the defenses are in place Nehemiah focuses on spiritual renewal and maintenance of the renewal movement.

It is a book about inspirational and focused leadership. How can a leader motivate people under difficult circumstances to accomplish a task? It identifies 10 important leadership topics/lessons and principles derived from these topics. Finally there are 38 leadership articles totaling 220 pages describing various aspects of leadership seen in Nehemiah. The theme of Nehemiah captures something of his focused leadership: NEHEMIAH'S ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP was the result of God's initiation, made itself felt in the face of obstacles to rebuild the wall, was inspirational in bringing about reform and a covenant in Jerusalem, and included drastic steps of separation in order to insure an on-going meaningful religious atmosphere. Nehemiah is an exemplar of an inspirational leader as well.

This 308 page leadership commentary on Nehemiah is part of a series, the Clinton's Leadership Commentary Series. This series explores the most relevant books of the Bible for leadership findings. The leadership commentary on Nehemiah involves an overview of the book of Nehemiah, i.e. a recognition of the contribution of the book as a whole to the Bible. From Nehemiah we learn about motivational leadership. How can a leader foment a renewal and maintain its spiritual thrust? We see a leader who is at once both practical and spiritual. Nehemiah is the best book in Scripture for seeing change dynamics. Leaders must be effective change agents. Nehemiah was such a change agent. Then there is the actual leadership comments on the text.

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Nehemiah – Focused Living